God loves you so much, unconditionally.

The first question that we need to think about in our ministry, or in any church ministry is

“Do we have a clear message that is worth spreading?”

A pastor who is not organized in her thoughts cannot preach well.

The clearest message that we have as a ministerial group is God’s unconditional love for humanity. God loves people. God loves chickens and cows but God certainly loves people so much more because God kind of allows people to eat them. But let’s eat less of them because their living experiences are also precious to them and to God.

Anyways, because we humans have powers to change the world, it is important for us to have a heathy and affirmative self-esteem. We should not dislike ourselves because then we would not be happy. Unhappy people cannot improve the world. God’s unconditional love is the most powerful remedy for a broken self-esteem. When you hear God say, “you are my most beloved child, in whom I am well pleased.”, wouldn’t your self-esteem recovered?

“I am so loved by God at all time!” This is the declaration that we should be able to say. And the aim of our ministry is to make more people to realize this exciting fact about God and them.

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