About Rev. Roy Lee

The pastor who is in charge of the EM ministry of CKUMC is Rev. Roy Lee. He talks about the Kingdom of God a lot. His sermon is deep and simple, but thought provoking. He stops talking when he feels that we feel bored. He is a cool guy. We just call him Roy.

He studies at a seminary called Claremont School of Theology. He studies the New Testament, and talks about the New Testament often. He has a beautiful wife and a cute son, who are in Korea, waiting to come to America.

He doesn’t want to preach all the time. He seems like he wants us to talk more, to have more discussions. Thanks to his lead, we are encouraged to talk and share our lives every Friday.

Below is his picture where he plays the keyboard and sing.

He can sing for hours without getting tired.

Come join our service and listen to him preach the Good News of God's Love!


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