[Sermon Note] Fixing our eyes on Jesus

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Hebrews 12

1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, 

2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfector of faith. 


Seeing is about choice. We choose to see. Choice presupposes the limited resource and time. Time is the most important resource that a youth has. If we had the unlimited time, we would not have to make choices. But the time is limited. A day has 24 hours. Excluding the sleeping time, we are left with about 10 hours. Because we only have 10 hours for today, it becomes important to make a right choice about how we are going to use our precious time. We must be serious about it. Many say, "I just wing it, go with the flow." Yes, the flow of the Holy Spirit is good. But what if the flow of the fleshly desire is driving you right now? You must stop and think. Think seriously.  

Through making a choice and acting on it, you live and you make your personal daily history. If you did "A" in the last hour, then you didn't do "B." And you will be remembered as a person who did "A" during the last hour. And you just became such a person because of your choice. 

Time is limited. Choose Jesus. Refuse to be entangled by the sins that take your time and make your history dark and make you that person that you do not want to be. Stop and think seriously and choose Jesus. 

What are those sins that so easily entangle? Why do we sin so easily? Because sinning is an easier way to deal with the reality. Few can handle the reality very well. We are not so good at handling the reality. Sometimes, the reality comes to us as a problem. We choose to take it as a problem that burdens us. So, we want to avoid it. In the process we sometimes choose addictions. We hide from the reality because our minds are so fragile. We do not want to face the reality as is. So we take perspectives. "The sluggard says, "There's a lion outside! I'll be killed in the public square!" (Proverbs 22:13). With his perspective of laziness, the sluggard distorts the reality to be a horrible one and avoid it entirely and become a lazier person. Because he did not look at Jesus. 


Whatever you look at forms your perspective. Perspectives are the lenses through which you perceive the world. We interpret the world through the perspectives that we have formed for ourselves. I read through the newsfeed of my facebook. There are posts that I do not agree with but even those posts affect my perspectives because any word that I look at makes me think. And when I think my perspective is formed. 


Think Jesus. Jesus becomes the greatest role model of how one should deal with the reality, how one should live in the world. 

As the person who not only dealt with the reality courageously but also transformed the reality once and for all for anyone who believes, he provides the new perspective on the reality. It may be tough but there is a sure reward waiting for us. The joy that is laid before us. For that joy, even though the reality may offer us the cross of shame, we can bear it, because of that joy that is before us. Jesus demonstrated how to live life. 

Life is hard. It's a fact. Some people hide behind the door into a screen. Others live it courageously. It's the difference in perspective. 


Think Jesus. Jesus becomes the greatest role model of how one should deal with the reality, how one should live in the world. 


Most followers of Jesus were not able to like their reality. 

They were taking the grim grim grim reality as something that they could not avoid: fate. A person gets ill and there was nothing much to do but to wait and see. But when they heard that Jesus was coming by, then there was hope of changing the fate. Jesus was to them a fate-changer. 


But then there were the people who loved the reality, and they wanted to keep the way it was-status quo. Jesus was a reformer to them and they didn't like him. Jesus was not a savior to them because they did not want to be saved. 


What if I belong to the second group? What if I don't feel any need of redemption but still sit here just to maintain the status quo of my own? 

If we are already living a life of love and sharing, there is no need for reformation, but are we? We all know that there is this ample room for improvement. Not just improvement, but reformation. We all know that there would be a great and fundamental change that we might not like that much if we let Jesus deeper into our lives. We are afraid of good changes because we are complacent. 


Relationships are the most powerful factors in changing one's life. Jesus has many requests if he is allowed in every corner of your life.

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