[Sermon Note] To Check Off the Purpose List

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We compare our lives with other people's lives and become jealous and eventually miserable. We secretly rejoice over the mishaps of our friends. My friend made a documentary movie about his wife and his mother and how their relationship is horrible and makes him miserable, and people love that movie. Its title is my son's crazy wife. And he honestly confessed that he wanted to sell his own misery to make money because he knew people love other people's misery. People "like" the happy posts but they do not actually like them. They "sad" the posts that make them look relatively happier and actually rejoice over them thinking, yay, I am happier than my friends/competitors. I am relieved.
People skydive and check that activity off their bucket list... and that makes me jealous and mad. How do they have time and money or even guts for that? Oh I need to come up with a bucket list too and must include skydiving in it. No, not really, I am scared already.
The thing is, life is not a race of who's gona check off more things from a more glorious bucket list. Life is not about bragging at the end saying, "I checked off more, guys! I didn't even get divorced! I died married! I even went to the disney world in Tokyo and disneyland in Hong Kong." Austin goes, there is Disney World in Tokyo? When I was the first grader in the elementary school, I and my friends would boast about what they ate during the weekend. "Have you ever eaten the pork cutlette? So good!" These were the things that we would say. We would literally boast about having had a bowl of jjajangmyeon. History repeats itself and look at the Instagram. It's mostly about food: what they were about to eat, or ate. I don't do Instagram, it's just what I heard.
Then what is life about? In order to get the correct answer for this grand question, we must ask the one who gave us life. Some spent their lives on destroying others. If a person could destroy 6 million people in his or her life, a different person might be also capable of saving 6 million people. With that kind of potential, what would happen if a person has a right purpose and the sincere attitude to pursue that purpose.
What if instead of a bucket list we could come up with a purpose list, with the purposes that our creator has given us? What if we have a clear understanding about our purposes and strive to fulfill those purposes and would become able to check those purposes off when we die? Wouldn't it be more fulflilling and satisfying than just to check off a bucket list? Forget about skydiving. It will feel more exhilarating when you choose to worship God even in your darkest hours, and when you choose to obey God and be sent by God to the poorest people in need of God and hold their hands. Oh, it will feel much more satisfying that way.
What about going to places and taking selfies and uploading them and becoming famous? For the highest purpose, make everything else a means to that end. If going to places is needed to fulfill the godly purpose, God might take you to places. Then take selfies while you fulfill your holy purpose. Seek the kingdom of God first and all these things will be added to you. Seek your petty kingdom or queendom of selfies and all the godly purpose will be forgotten in you and all that is left with you will be just a bunch of "likes" and emojis. How hollow and vain!
Some would still say, hey, it feels good. It feels good to have my personal bucket list and accomplish one by one. It feels good to have my own purpose and reach the goals. It feels good to want something and be filled of the needs. Yes, momentarily and temporarily. And we are talking about the eternal and everlasting and permanent purpose that will last even after our lives. A purpose so ultimate and fundamental that it would give us everlasting life.
Yes, when we talk about this purpose, we actually talk about God. The word God sounds so unreal and philsophical. But have you met God? If you have experienced God first hand, you would know that God is real, forgiving and loving, comforting and providing, and always good. God feels so far away sometimes because our hearts are so far away from God. But once invited, oh how near God comes to our hearts! We are talking real here. We are talking about our actual daily life. How we gona live differently because of the fundamental change we gona have in our philosophy by reading this book together.
I used the analogy of a list to compare with a bucket list but actually it's about a direction and persistance.
The direction is God and persistance is our faith and love. We are utterly distracted and not devoted at all. Some are devoted to loving themselves and their purpose is to be rich and their attention is paid to the new car they want to get. Get directed back to the right direction. Upward! Godward! Aren't we sick of getting constantly distracted? Aren't we sick of just winging it and going with the flow of fleshly desire and getting frustrated with ourselves? Aren't we sick of being so aimless with our lives? We know the answer. We know what the right direction is. We know how we must be persistent in pursuing that direction. Stop where you are. Pick up this book. This book isn't perfect. This book is on point though. Very repetitive. But that is a good thing for me because I keep forgetting. Get this book today. 5 dollar. You must get it or I will purchase it for you.

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