[Sermon Note] As a Sojourner

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1 Peter 1:17 says that we must live out our time "as foreigners here in reverent fear." 

Last Sunday we talked about how we must be aware of our final destination. 

When Jesus was transfigured on the mountain of transfiguration, Peter asked Jesus to live on the mountain together. But Jesus insisted to go back down, in order to carry out his mission. 

Have you been in a bus tour to any place really far like Grand Canyon? On the way to a destination, the bus makes several stops at s pots with beautiful scenery. And when enamored of the scenery, some people might just want to stay there. But the bus has to take those people and proceed to the destination, because, whether the passengers believe or not, the destination is worth reaching. 

The function of the scenery is to help you to imagine the unimaginable beauty of the destination. The function of this life on earth should be the same. Life on earth helps us imagine what it would like in heaven, or hell. 

The first thing that matters while in the journey of life is to know our origin and destination. We learned that all of us came from God and go back to God. When we sin, the fact that we sin enslaves us to become part of this world. Lets say you owed some money to someone, you are bound in the vicinity of the one that you owe money to until you pay the money in full. On earth, do not sin. You are bound on earth and the accuser might take you to hell until you pay the penalty in full. We sin when we are too much attached to the things that belong to this world. When we become clearly aware of our origin and the destination, we will be able to detach ourselves from the worldly things. 

The second thing that matters in this journey of life is the company. There are things in this world that do not belong to this world: The people we are travelling with, our family and friends who are in this journey together. Because they are the ones that we are going to spend eternity together. Do not sin against them. If you already did, ask for forgiveness. There is no way you can live in heaven without seeing them. 

The third thing that matters in this journey to make the journey more enjoyable for others. There are people lost in the journey. People who forgot about the origin and destination. People who are too attached to the passing scenery that they forgot about their companions. Because of the hardship and the temptations of the journey they lose the sight of the truth or the strength to go on. We must work hard to make the journey more doable for the others. If life is too hard, people get discouraged and might quit on the way. You cannot quit on the way and expect to reach the destination. Of course, God will show mercy. However, the destination of this journey is not just a location. It is also about our qualitative status. And the kind of change that we need to qualify for the destination can only happen on the road. 


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