40 Days of Community

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40 days of COMMUNITY: CKUMC Lent Campaign


We are launching 40 days of community campaign this Sunday. Last time we focused on the spiritual growth of each individual, but this time we focuse on the spiritual growth of our community.


1. What is the goal of this campaign?

(1) The spiritual grown of our faith community.

(2) Also, the spiritual growth of each individual


2. How can I participate in this campaign?

(1) Attending Sunday worship and morning prayer meeting

Sunday worships are held at the same time (10:30 AM).

(Joint services on March 10th and April 21st)

Morning prayer meeting is at 6:00 AM Tuesday to Saturday. Those who cannot make it can pray at home or at school or at work.

(2) Reading the book 40 Days of Community, and read the Bible verse of each chapter and meditate on it.

(3) Participate in a conversation in the small group meeting on Friday. We are going to use the book that we read for the Friday meeting during Lent.


3. What are the Bible Verses and themes during this Lent?

(1) 3/10, John 13:34-35 (We’re God’s family) - Joint Service/Communion

(2) 3/17, Colossians 4:3-6 (We preach the Gospel together)

(3) 3/24, Romans 12:5 (We build relationships)

(4) 3/31, Ephesians 4:15 (We grow together)

(5) 4/7, John 13:14-15 (We serve one another)

(6) 4/14, John 13-14 (We worship together)

(7) 4/21, Easter Joint Service


4. We are praying for the following. You can add your own prayer to the list.

(1) That we as a church become a healthy spiritual community.

(2) For the leaders of each small group

(3) That each member may stay healthy and participate in the campaign with passion

(4) That the Holy Spirit lead us through this campaign

(5) Your small groups prayers: _____________________________________________

(6) Your family’s prayer: ____________________________________________________


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