Why, What, then How

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Matthew 6:33

"... Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

Why do we live?

We live for the glory of God. 

Jesus said that we cannot serve both God and Money (v. 24). 

No one can serve two masters. No one can serve God and money at the same time. 

God says, "Love me. Devote yourself to me."

Does He sound egocentric? Selfish?

Listen to Him to the end. He continues, "because I love you, because I devote myself to you."

God demands us to love Him only because He loves us so much. 

He has loved us first. He loved us by giving His only Son, Jesus!

Is it too much for God to want us to love Him back?

On the other hand, the god of money, Mammon, tells us not to love him. 

He wants us to love ourselves. He wants us to believe that we are alone and we have to

fight for our own survival and prosperity. It is not true. It is false. We are not alone. 

God is with us and he loves us dearly. 

That is why we cannot serve both God and Money. It creates an inner conflict. 

How can one devote oneself to God when he wants to remain selfish?

God wants us to enter the relationship with him and stay in the relationship. 

And in that relationship, our job is to love God, not to love ourselves, 

because loving us is God's job; and he is doing an excellent job!

Why do we live?

We live to love God, we live for God's glory. 

To know this is really important, because knowing why will determine what we need to do.

Why determines what.

What do we have to do with our lives?

Now that we know why we live, are we going to just do whatever we feel like doing?

The purpose of our life determines the tasks of our lives. 

And the tasks determine the method. 

Just as why determines what, what determines how.

Jesus for the glory of God (why) wanted to feed the crowd (what). 

How? Disciples wondered. 


SOMEHOW Jesus did it. 

How is not for us to be concerned about. It is up to God. 

When we focus on why and what, God takes care of how. 


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