Guard your heart

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Proverbs 4:23

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. 

1. We tend to care much about our outer appearance, but neglect our heart. 

2. What we call heart is our mind. We think.

Amazingly enough, we think, therefore we experience. 

We experience the things that we cannot actually experience physically by thinking. 

When Jesus said, "Worship God in Spirit and in truth," he was talking about the realm of thought. 

You can experience God by thinking of Him, and you can also experience the devil by thinking of him. 

So, all you need to experience heaven is really simple: Think of God, and God's everlasting love for you. 

Think of God constantly, just as Paul encouraged us to pray without ceasing. 

3. Our mind is actually the place where we meet Jesus. 

Through our mind, we talk to Jesus and listen to Jesus. 

Some might say, "What if it is all our imagination?"

It takes our imagination, our thinking, to create a room for the Holy Spirit. 

So it is actually part of the process of meeting Jesus. 

We imagine first until the actual presence of Jesus happens in our mind. 

You actively pray that Jesus comes to you by actively imagining Jesus. 

In other words, Jesus responds to our imagination. 

Throughout the rest of the Lent, 

Let us guard our hearts by thinking of Jesus!


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