A Heart Changed by God

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 "Then the spirit of the Lord will possess you, and you will be in a prophetic frenzy along with them and be turned into a different person." (1 Sam 10:6)

Samuel anoints Saul as king over Israel. 

Saul went out to find his father's donkeys. 

A donkey may symbolize messiahship. Jesus rode it when entering Jerusalem. 

 Saul went out to find the donkeys but he could not. 

He went to Samuel, God's seer. 

So, messiahship was not acquired by Saul but was given to him. 

It is the same with our relationship with God. 

We do not acquire our sonship with God.

It is given to us. 

And Saul, after he was anointed, joins a group of prophets 

and was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and prophesied. 

Oil is symbolism, the Holy Spirit is real. 

Coming to the church, sitting on the pew is symbolism, 

You must meet the Holy Spirit, 

to be transformed. 


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