The ministry of Reconciliation

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2 Corinthians 5:16-21
v. 16: What is the "worldly point of view"? Paul says, "... from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view." "Worldly" may refer to the ways we are often evaluated in the world. We are often evaluated according to our ethnicity, gender, class, or age; namely, our apperances. But in Christ, no one is to be judged according to their fleshly appearances.

Paul also mentions that we no longer regards Christ in the worldly point of view. We interact with Christ who is now the Spirit and do not care if he is a Jewish Spirit, or a male Spirit, or a highly educated wealthy Spirit. He is just the Holy Spirit. Likewise, when we interact with one another, I do not care if you are an Asian or Caucasian or Black. I don't care if you are old or young, rich or poor. I just see that you are a soul. That is all. A soul wearing certain clothes that are different from mine. But all I should see is that you are a soul.

v. 17: Being in Christ means belonging to Christ, interacting with him constantly as his child, friend, lover, and servant. Being in Christ means you are perceived by Christ, forgiven by Christ, and loved by Christ. Being in Christ means you are connected to Christ in Spirit. It means you as a soul meet Christ who is the Spirit.
v. 18:  The word "reconciliation" in Greek is katallage, and it means exchange. So the ministry of reconciliation is the ministry of exchange. God exchanged Christ for us. God gave Christ in order to have us. Now as ministers of exchange would give themselves as the exchange for souls to give them to God. Just as we would not have been given to God unless Christ had been given for us, no soul could be saved unless we devote ourselves to praying for the lost souls.

v. 19: However, the ministry of exchange is done primarily through the word of reconciliation that states that God had given his only son to have the listener's soul. That God had sacrificed his only Son to grant forgiveness to the listener.

As a person reconciled to God, you have become a minister of reconciliation. Is there anyone who needs reconciliation with God. You have benn sent to that person. Until that person is conpletely reconciled to God, your mission is not yet completed. Go, share the word of reconciliation.

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