Faith in God's Power

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1 Corinthians 2:1-5

Our faith must rest on God’s power and not on human wisdom. Too much talk is often rather tiring. We can talk about healing all day long without healing anyone. But God’s power is waiting to be released to the sick. How do we release God’s healing power? By proclaiming healing over the sick in the name of Jesus because there is power in the name of Jesus. That is it! You just proclaim healing over the sick in the name of Jesus and the name of Jesus will do the rest.

Worship in the ancient days was often about healing the sick because medical services were very expensive at the time. Jesus was a healer. He was the door of God’s healing power. He needed not many words. He was the Word that healed. He did not have to explain a lot. He was the answer. You cannot describe him effectively enough with words. The Holy Spirit must come and demonstrate himself to your audience. Therefore, your audience at some point must cease to listen to you and begin to encounter the Lord’s presence, where sometimes there is no need for words. The presence of the Lord speaks with power.   

Faith in God is formed in your heart when you listen to the words about God; however, it gets rooted deep when you experience God’s power. When you are healed, you have no choice but to believe. God loves you and wants to heal you. You must allow God in your heart, and on your body, for God to do God’s work.

Let us pray this prayer: Heal me, oh God, in Jesus’s name! Amen.


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