Preparedness and Victory

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During the Chosun dynasty of Korea,

there was an admiral whose name was Yi Soon Shin.  

He became famous for his victories against the Japanese navy

during the Japanese invasion that took place in the late 16th century.


During the most famous battle of Myeongnyang,

Yi just had 13 ships against 333 Japanese ships,

roughly 130 of which were warships.

He did not lose a single ship and destroyed more than 30 battleships.

Two of his soldiers were killed and three were wounded,

while half of the Japanese soldiers died or got wounded.

He is regarded by the military historians as

the greatest admiral of the World's history.

What was the secret to his victory? Preparation!

He prepared with everything he had for each battle.

He studied his enemies, came up with the most efficient strategy,

and even invented the turtle ship,

which shocked the unprepared Japanese fleet.

Preparation is half the battle.

And for us Christians, prayer is half the preparation.

We prepare our day by praying in the morning.

We prepare a test by praying for wisdom and diligence.

We prepare for our marriage by praying for our future spouse.

We prepare for our Sunday service by praying for the preacher

and for our hearts. Praying is the best preparation for everything.

Let us pray.

God. Prepare us to be the vessel of your love.

Prepare us to receive the victory that

you have prepared for each and everyone of us.



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