What does it mean to love God?

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What does it mean to love God?

David is the only person in the Bible who confessed his love for God by saying, “I love you” (Psalm 18:1). The verb he used is R-CH-M. Racham. “R” is Resh in Hebrew Alphabet and it represents “head.” “CH” is Chet and it represents “fence.” “M” is Mem and represents “water.” Imagine a person looking over a fence with the desire for water. That is what this verb Racham might describe. Fence separates you and the one over the fence. It represents otherness. God is on the other side of the fence. He is a mysterious being, who is essentially different from a human being. Because of the spiritual aspect of God, the fleshly us are drawn to God with wonder and our emotions are stirred like water. Our stirred emotions become our strength. Humans cannot live by bread alone. We need food for thoughts-God’s word. But what is better than the food for reasoning? We want stirred emotions. We want to fall in love. We want to blush on our cheeks again because of the heart that races for mysterious reasons. That happens when we RaCHaM God.


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