Let God's Word heal you

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Psalm 107:20 

"He sent out his word and healed them; 

he rescued them from the grave."

God' word heals us. 

He made everything by his word. 

He said, "Let there be light,"

and there was light. 

If you look at the light carefully, 

you can see God's word in it. 

With the same word by which he created the world

he is speaking to you. 

Are you feeling chaotic? 

He can create peace in you by speaking to you, "Peace be with you."

Let God say to you, "Let there be peace," and enjoy God's peace in you.

Do you have any disease? 

Let God say to you, "Be healed," and be healed!

The problem is, 

because there are so many distractions in the world

we do not listen to God any more. 

We devote ourselves to consuming the media. 

We pay for the media. We are willing to pay 15 dollars for the Netflix just to watch

the Squid Game, which is not exactly beneficial for our souls.

Are we willing to pay 15 dollars to listen to God speaking?

Well, God does not want your money. God wants your attention.

God wants your time. God wants quality time with you. 

God wants you!

Now spend more time with God. 

Whatever is going on in your heart, speak to God about it. 

Then God is going to listen to you and also speak to you, 

and his word is going to heal you. 

Let his word heal you!



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