Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

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Date: 8/19/22

Sermon Title: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Context: Matthew 5:3

(Matt 5: 3) "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Preaching Note  

1. The Qumran community was formed around 150 B.C. and existed until its destruction by the Romans in 68 A.D. The people of the Qumran community were righteous people who followed God, and they valued the copying of the Bible. They did not attach much importance to accumulating wealth, and they did not cooperate with the occupying forces. So, they lived poorly and suffered persecution. But they were not ashamed of poverty. They were poor and humble in spirit. They were righteous people who filled their hearts with the Spirit of God, followed the word of the Lord.

   Matthew 5:3 is the beginning of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3). 'Poor in spirit' is not simply a person who is emptied of greed, but a humble person who fills the spirit and heart of God in his relationship with God. “‘Poverty of spirit’ did not mean weakness of character. Rather, it refers to the relationship between a person and God... It’s the opposite of arrogant self-confidence living as if nothing to do with God.

Q.1 What am I trying to fill in my heart?


2. Blessed are those who receive God's approval. A blessed person is a happy person who has received God’s favor and approval.  The word ‘blessed’ means to receive God's approval, favor, approval, or congratulations. Being 'blessed' is far more than being 'happy'. Because the word ‘happiness’ is merely subjective and conveys a shallow concept of unexpected joy, not the assurance of receiving God’s favor.” Those whom God recognizes are spiritually poor. God's approval does not come to those who boast of their spiritual wealth. Rather, God’s approval is for those who acknowledge their spiritual poverty. God recognizes the poor in spirit, the humble who fill their hearts with the Spirit of God, and the spiritually poor who vigorously walk the righteous path that the Lord speaks of.

Q.2 When will I receive God's approval?


3. There are two popular interpretations of ‘the poor in spirit’. One is to be understood as a fool. Another is to understand it as inner freedom from wealth. It is difficult to see the meaning of what Jesus meant because inner freedom from wealth is possible even outside the spiritual dimension. The Hebrews express ‘poor’ as ‘anau’, and ‘humble’ is also expressed as ‘anau’. The Hebrews use the terms 'poor' and 'humble' to mean the same thing. ‘Poor man’ means the humble people of God. “The expression ‘poor’ refers to God’s people who continue to be faithful and persecuted but will ultimately be vindicated by God.” “Poor in spirit” means a person who is spiritually humble, not a fool or a person who seeks inner freedom from wealth.

    Jesus speaks to the poor in spirit. “The kingdom of heaven is theirs.” The kingdom of God cannot be understood spatially. It signifies the dynamic reign of God in which the name of God is worshiped, and the will of God is realized. Those who are poor and humble in spirit who fill their hearts with the Spirit of God, even though they may be poor and live under persecution, will walk vigorously in God's righteous path to God's reign in the kingdom of God, together we can live a life full of joy.

Q.3 When am I happiest? 

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